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ID LOL: kolusgard (Na)


    A gyroid that I made in Ceramics! It doesn’t dance, but can be used as a container.

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    I’ve been in a Braum mood, and I couldn’t help but think that Tryndamere would feel some competition in the love department now that there’s a new dreamy support in the league~

    It’s fairly OOC for Ashe, and we all know Braum is a super happy big hearted guy and would never compete over the Queen of the Freljord! But c’mon, we all know Trynd would probably be a jealous baby over his little Ashe

    No Ashe, hug and love /my/ muscles, not that new guy. He can’t even sprout hair on his head, gosh.

    It’s sketchy and dumb through most of it but again I don’t really care it’s LATE

    There may be a sequel in the future~

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final boss in animal crossing


    final boss in animal crossing

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Nicki claps with her ass

    Nicki claps with her ass

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